Student Comments

Reviews of my lessons by my students (or their parents) can be found on my TakeLessons page and on my Yelp page.

Here are some excerpts:

“Ruth has been a wonderful piano teacher for the last 3 years for my son Vivek. She has made learning piano an enjoyable experience for him and always teaches with patience and kindness. She also did a wonderful job starting online lessons during CoVid. We are confident we will continue a relationship with Ms Ruth even if we move to a new location” – Deeptha K.

“Mrs. Ruth is a great Piano Instructor who provides interactive piano lessons. She is among the most talented piano instructors who offer professional services. Her long years of experience shows dedication and expert-ism in teaching piano lessons efficiently. She teaches music theory and music composition lessons. Our kid enjoys piano learning with great ease and interest. She offers professional lessons for various ages and skill levels.” – Lavanya M.

“I have been with Ruth for about 4 months but I am very happy to say that her dedication and attention to detail has given me the impetus to want to keep learning encouraged by her thorough experience. She is a great teacher.” – Wallis

“Ruth is a fantastic piano teacher. She is very patient and tailors her instruction to the age and capabilities of each child. Our 6yo daughter has been taking lessons with Ruth for a year and loves it, and we’ve really been amazed at how quickly she has advanced. Ruth is a perfect blend of kindness, patience, and a rigorous and strong training program. We are always impressed with the quality of the performances of Ruth’s students (whose ages range from about 5-16) at the annual concert that she organizes. Ruth also teaches adults! If you are in the Princeton/Plainsboro area and looking for piano lessons, we highly recommend Ruth!” – Igor

“Mrs. Ruth is one of the best teachers my kids have ever had. We are grateful to have a teacher who works per strength and skills of the child with calmness and patience. My kids consider Mrs. Ruth as a family member. We have been working with Ms. Ruth for last 4 years and it had been an absolute delight to have such a teacher. My older son will be graduating with Ms Ruth this year and will always retain the love for music that Ms. Ruth imparted.” – Hema

“”Excellent Teacher. Ms. Ruth is a great piano teacher and role model; she has been teaching my sons for last few years; I wished I’d found her earlier; she has shaped and molded the boys into a great piano players. Ruth is very kind, lovingly, with great energy and spirit with tons of patience. Ruth is amazing with children and she creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring. My kids looks forward to her visit each week.” – Deepak

“When I began taking piano lessons with Ruth, I had some elementary experience playing instruments years ago. I am an older adult student and although I hesitated initially to start learning again, I am very happy that I did start taking piano with Ruth. She understands exactly my strong and weak points and suggests better ways for me to practice. She is patient, tactful and encouraging and helps me working on my technique. I’ve been enjoying my classes with Ruth immensely. And I’ve been enjoying listening to her playing as well. Any time, at the end of our class, I ask her to play a different piece for me, she does it beautifully. I can highly recommend Ruth for children and adults alike.” – Klara

“Ms. Ruth is a great teacher. She has been teaching my son for about a year and he thinks she is a very good teacher. She is easy going and nice.” – Wynne N.

“My 4 year old loved Ms. Ruth. She is so patient with her and always tries to work according to her pace.” – Priyanka S.

“Ms. Ruth is fantastic teacher. My 7 year old daughter is learning Piano from her since last one year and we are so happy to see her progressing constantly well. She makes sure that my daughter understands her music (notes) well and she is clear on her concepts.” – Tejal T.

“My 8 year old son has been taking piano lessons from Ruth for about 6 month now. She is wonderful with him. They do as much giggling as they do playing the piano but he is learning so much! My son will likely never be a spectacular pianist but he will learn to love music and playing for his own enjoyment from Ruth. She is giving him a tremendous gift that could last the rest of his life.” – Tamara B.

“Excellant kid friendly instructor. My five year old son has been taking piano lessons with Ruth for the past few months. She makes the lessons fun and is very patient. He enjoys his lessons and is very excited about his piano classes. I highly recommend her.” – S.P.

“Ms. Ruth has been excellent teacher to my six year old son. She is very patient and dedicated to teaching piano. She has been very supportive and listens/answers to all the little questions asked. This helps and motivates my son to learn and play piano better. Thank you for all the hard work!!” – Manjusha R.

“Ruth is a great teacher. She is very patient , understanding and accommodating teacher. We are very happy to have her as a piano teacher for my 8 yr old.” – Sonia S.

“Ruth is a good teacher for young kids. Ruth has been very patient and kind with my five year old son. She is understanding and child friendly. My son warmed up to her after his first class and is now very comfortable with her. He enjoys going to piano lessons and is excited to play more complicated pieces.” – Priya Y.

“Ruth is a great teacher. She taught me how to read music and made learning piano fun. And she is patient and encouraging. Her love of music is contagious and her high expectations make you want to do your best.” – K.B.